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How to Find a Doctor or Hospital That Accepts Medicare and Receiving Quality Care

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Physicians play an important, multi-faceted role in the overall healthcare chain. Their primary role involves examining the patient’s history and physical to determine the right diagnosis for a given disease or condition. Once the diagnosis is established, the physician develops appropriate management and treatment plan.  Besides treatment, physicians

Ways to Get Medicare If I Need Nursing Home Care and Have Medicaid Already

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Medicaid and Medicare coverage can both be challenging programs not only to get enrolled into but even to understand as a whole. They each come with so many facets and coverage options that it can be confusing and near impossible to figure out the coverage options you need to

Understanding Medicare: Parts A, B, C and D- How Medicare Advantage Plans Work

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Before many of us become eligible for Medicare, we often think of Medicare as a one-note coverage that we will automatically have access to once we hit 65. That is only a tiny piece of an often complicated puzzle. In this article we are going to take a look