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Currently it is common to see various offers and promotions by “low-cost” clinics that offer dental treatments at very low and attractive prices, but unfortunately later they are not what they seem. Review the following points carefully so that your dental options and decisions do not put your health, or your budget at risk.

Cost-service ratio

It is important to always go to a trusted specialist, a professional service is not always too expensive but not too cheap. Verifying that the service they offer you has a logical “cost-benefit” relationship will make you feel safer to go. Sometimes those who treat you in clinics of this style are people whose salaries depend largely on the sale of treatments even if you do not need them or there are better or even cheaper options. A professional must know how to answer all your questions, must give you several options with their benefits and disadvantages, a well-argued diagnosis, look for a dentist who makes you feel safe.

Professionalism and perseverance

Verify that the specialist is prepared specifically for your treatment, in treatments such as Orthodontics, many times doctors choose to take a diploma and not a specialty on the subject, this can harm your treatment when unforeseen events arise and in cases like this, since it is long duration, you may not realize it until a long time later, check that your specialist has a wide range of experience and services to other clients.

Your time is also important, a good quality service requires quality time, you should feel comfortable with your dentist, feel that you are being well cared for and properly valued. An important point is the constancy, in some clinics there is not always the opportunity to see the same specialist due to the constant rotation that is handled in the staff, this can become a problem in the follow-up, it will always be better if you attend one person who can give continuity to your treatment to bring it to an end.

Quality of Materials

The use of quality materials will simplify your long-term treatment, it also gives you the security of using a material that lasts over the years, which translates into better health for you and consequently a good investment. Many low-cost clinics do not mention the materials or their quality, always ask and check for the materials of the resins, implants, screws, brackets, etc; If they are of good quality and how long they will last you and compare the prices according to their quality, many cheap materials will need to be replaced in a short time, which ends up being more expensive. It is also important to compare the various options, do not get carried away only by the price, you need to know which options are best for you and what they offer you.

Cheap is expensive?

Not only is it a saying, it is often true! Take into account that when acquiring a seemingly cheaper service, but that its duration is much shorter than expected, you will have to perform this treatment again or, a new one that fixes what the previous one does not solve or worsens. Your health is the most important. Is it worth risking it? In the long run the cost will be higher. An exaggerated price is not synonymous with quality, the ideal is to find a fair and professional price. We remind you of the points to take into account:

  • Quality: better materials, better service and better health, however, it is important to know the options for your treatment, in the desire to sell they could offer you something that you do not require or that can be solved with another option.
  • Good attention: Feeling comfortable, safe and oriented will give you greater confidence. Whoever attends you must have the necessary experience to be able to carry out their work as well as possible.
  • Professionalism: From the reception to the specialists they must give you a professional, safe and adequate treatment. It is important to emphasize your professional preparation to carry out your treatment, a course is not enough, years of study and specialty are required in the field to be able to exercise in an ideal way.
  • Fair prices and no deception: cheap can be expensive. Do not be fooled, your time, your money and above all your health are the most important.
  • In a dental clinic you must be sure that what they offer you is what you need and that the cost you will pay for it is fair.

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