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Your health is a valuable area of your life that you need to take care of daily. You can never predict when you will fall sick. Health insurances have made it easy for you to take care of your health. It is critical to choose a health insurance plan that suits your needs and those of your family. There are different types of insurance plans you can subscribe to when you want one. The private health insurances are those insured or marketed by private health insurers. The government health insurance programs on the other side belong to the government. Therefore, the differentiating factor depends on who provides private health insurance. Private health insurances are the ones dominating the market especially in the United States and other parts of the world. Sometimes the government liaises with private insurers in plans such as Medicaid to help in providing quality care.

Where Can I Find Private Health Insurance?Image result for health insurance illustration

You can find private health insurances anywhere. Nowadays, the number of private health insurers is rising. It is therefore not a challenge to find a private health insurer. There are various health care services you have access to once you subscribe to the plan. Qualifying for private health insurance is not hard. You will only need to pay monthly premiums after application for your plan. In return, the insurer gives access to a vast array of services that the public policy does not provide. It is essential to look for an insurer who offers coverage that is suitable for you. Different companies offer various packages and coverage. Ask for a policy document for the insurer to check whether you are comfortable with their terms.

We All Have Different Medical Needs Depending On Various Factors

Some of you may have family members with genetic illnesses who need constant health care. In such a case, you may need different health insurance with specific policies and coverage. Find an insurer who will cater to your needs and those of your family. There are two ways that the insurer can help you receive medical care.

  • The insurer can provide care through the medical care center that the company itself avail to you.
  • Through allowing you to get care from the other policyholders that you desire to care for you.

What Are The Benefits of Private Health Insurance?

The benefits of choosing private health insurance include:

  • It offers insurance rebate
  • Hospital and doctor selection
  • Decreased wait times at the hospital
  • Access to private hospital rooms
  • It covers extra services and care

Insurance RebateImage result for private health insurance rebate illustrations

The insurance rebate has had an enormous impact on the way that people see private health insurance. It benefited most people qualifying for private health insurance. When you apply for the private health insurance, you will receive rebates from the government. The government gives out rebates depending on various factors. The rebate will help you to cater to the cost of your premium.  The factors include the age and the amount of income. You can claim your rebate on the tax returns or deduct it directly from the premiums.

Access To Private A Hospital Room

Most of the government insurance plans do not give you an option to stay in a private room. However, with a private health insurance plan, it can give you access to a private room. Private rooms offer patients the calm, peace, and privacy that they need. There is no exposure to commotions and busy crowds. In a private place, you can stay in silence and relax without distraction.

Extensive Coverage of Services and Care

Although the premiums for the private health insurances are high, the coverage is comprehensive too. You can receive care for additional services that you cannot get on the public health insurances. Some of the services include:

Decreased Wait Times

Public hospitals have been dealing with the issue of long waiting time on queues. The problem has led to the deterioration of health and poor health outcomes of patients. The long wait decreases the quality of life of the patients involved. With a private health insurance plans, it gives you an option to visit either the public or private hospitals. When there are long lines at the public hospital, you can easily opt for private hospitals. There, you will not need to wait on the line. You will receive quick and quality for a private insurer.

Hospital and Doctor Selection

The plan allows you to visit any hospital whether private or public. Additionally, you can select the doctor you want to attend to you based on their availability. The option gives you control over your health. You can choose the doctor and institution you trust. Other government plans do not give you the option to choose your care provider. Or the option is inappropriate as you do not have control over your health.

How Can I Qualify and Apply?

Qualifying for private health insurance is quite simple. It is all about being able to pay for your insurance plan. Depending on the insurer who provides private health insurance, the cost may vary. The only requirement you need to apply is the ability to pay your monthly premiums for the plan you select. There are different ways you can use to apply for the insurance. You can use mail, online platform, make a phone call, or go there in person. It is good to arrange a meeting and go there by yourself so that you can ask any questions and get answers right away. The cost of the insurance also depends on the risk that the insurer undertakes in providing you with the health insurance. Other factors that influence the price you incur on the private health insurance include:

  • The Coverage- Different insurers have different services that they cover in their packages. When the plan offers you extensive health care services, you are likely to pay more money. The option that has a narrow scope with regards to the services you enjoy and therefore, you are likely to spend less money.
  • Your Age- Age is a significant aspect in determining the cost of your private health insurance. The young people are not likely to suffer from any severe illnesses that are costly. Even if they do, it is not frequent. That means that the cost for a young person incurs in paying for the monthly premiums is low. On the other hand, the older you get, the higher the cost you incur. Therefore, the cost you will have to pay in applying and sustaining your health cover will depend on your age.
  • Co-payments- Other types of private health insurance might give you an option of co-payments. The option requires you to pay part of the money whenever you seek health care. Such health insurance plans are relatively cheaper than the other ones. The company will only ask you for low monthly premiums to reduce the overall cost.
  • The Type of Insurance You Sign Up For- There are different types of private health insurance that you can look at and select one that suits you. Some include; the individual package, family, child health, and joint health insurance.Image result for enrollment period for health insurance illustrations

Is There an Enrollment Period for Private Health Insurance?

An enrollment period is a specific time that the insurance companies open applications for new applicants. Other than the specified time, one cannot apply for the insurance. The strategy helps the companies to avoid enrolling people only when they are sick. It is likely that when the people recover, they may never pay for the premiums again.

Why Is There An Enrollment Period For Private Health Insurance And Not The Governments?

Government covers such as Medicaid do not have enrollment periods as they receive their funding from the government. Their existence is not dependent on the premiums as they are privately owned.

Why Is There An Enrollment Period For Private Health Insurance?

The primary reason why there would be an enrollment period is that the companies are business entities. For the companies to stay afloat, they need to receive monthly premiums. Taking applications at any time means bringing in non-committed clients who are bad for business.
The only time that people apply for insurance is when they are sick. It is therefore hard to determine their commitment in the long term. When the individuals benefit from health insurance and get well, they may not want to continue paying premiums. The only time they will remember is when they get sick again. It is in the best interest of the other existing clients that the company does not run out of business. The sign-up time, therefore, allows one to commit to subscribing to private health insurance even when they are not sick.

Special Enrollment Period

There is also the special enrollment period that arises due to unexpected situations. It can occur due to:

You can take advantage of the special enrollment period to either change your plan or sign up for another. It is apparent that various benefits come with private health insurance. Although they may have high monthly premiums, they provide value for money. Just remember to check for enrollment period first so that you can apply on time.

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