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AARP can provide many benefits, discounts, programs, health coverage, education and community services all in one place. Reaching 50 is no longer synonymous with loss of vitality, opportunity or welcome to the senior club. On the contrary, with all the options available in this era, reaching that age means a new world of possibilities and benefits to continue an active, productive and quality life. AARP, a non-profit organization with more than 56 years of operations in the United States, more than 37 million partners and offices throughout the country, aims to support people over 50 to achieve this goal.

Changing the Vision of Life Beyond Youth

As stated by Mrs. Ivonne Fernandez, AARP State and Multicultural Deputy Director for the Florida area, “Our goal as an organization is to help change the vision of life after a certain age, to engage in representing this sector by defending its rights and needs, so that they can enjoy significant benefits ”. This is possible thanks to the large number of members, since being part of this organization, as Ms. Fernandez adds, opens the door to a “collective power” exercised by all its members in society, due to their purchasing power, political decision and action of social impact. “Our members are a muscle that creates benefits and contributes to the development of a society more sensitive to the need of the human being over the years.” The benefits of belonging to AARP are extensive, but can be grouped into these three main categories:

Variety of Discounts and Services

One of the main attractions of being a member of AARP is access to multiple discounts, travel offers and benefits through different providers nationwide. Among the main services are exclusive prices on health insurance, auto and home insurance, discounts on car rentals, cruises, vacation and lodging packages, special offers on technology products and gifts, life insurance, credit cards, pharmaceutical services , alternative medicine services, legal services and long-term care insurance. To mention just a few specific cases, a member could save up to 60% on eye exams, 30% on the purchase of glasses, 38% on medications without insurance coverage, and enjoy 15% on dinner at their restaurant. your favorite, attend a concert of your favorite artist at an affordable price or better yet, plan your dream trip with hotel discounts, air tickets, road assistance and even airport parking just using the membership card.

Information and Education

AARP works hard to keep its members up to date on topics such as health (including Medicare and Social Security), finance and taxes, entertainment, social media, and professionals. To do this, it uses written publications such as the ‘AARP Magazine’ and ‘AARP Bulletin’, as well as interesting daily articles published online. It also offers a radio program in English, its website (available in English or Spanish), televised programs and local annual events where all its members are invited. Additionally, members have access to the different investigations that the organization carries out in matters related to the elderly, internet seminars and contact with social networks that help them with employment issues, find employment and keep up to date with their professional areas. Just for commenting a little more since the detail is very long, members also have access to videos and music and a library with extensive printed material and free book downloads, they can take refresher courses on traffic and driving laws, and even cooking recipes and tips for healthy eating.

AARP Foundation

AARP, aware of the potential and positive social effect that its members have on society, opens the “AARP Foundation” with the objective that its members share their experiences and skills by supporting as volunteers the most needy or least favored sectors of the community. “We know that as human beings age, they continue to be useful to society, on the contrary, wisdom based on life is an inspiration for others and their action has a great impact” adds Mrs. Fernandez. For this reason, AARP helps its members to actively contribute to their environment, under the idea of ​​solidarity and understanding of the suffering of others, sharing with those who need food, professional or educational training, support on specific issues such as preparing their tax return. and more.

What Does it Take to Become a Member?

Joining is very simple. For AARP the only requirements are to be 50 years old and have an address in the United States, Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands. It does not matter sex, race, economic sector, language, immigration status or social position. Joining AARP is as easy as filling out the online application through the portal or calling 1-866-595.7678. Membership has an annual cost of only $ 16 and the member can have access to all the benefits offered by the organization immediately upon completing their registration. In addition, the membership fee includes a free subscription for the spouse or partner who will also receive a membership card. For even more details on all the benefits of this membership, visit the website and download the “AARP Member Benefits Guide” for free. Being a member of AARP will be for many an important support to change the concept of what it is to grow old, as Mrs. Fernandez concludes:

“Aging is a season of life, it is not deteriorating, it is a biological situation inherent to the human being, but full of purpose that highlights our dignity as human beings.”

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