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Insurance Options for Dual Citizens of the United States

Who Can Qualify For A Dual-Eligible Plan?

Health insurance and coverage for dual citizens is intriguing because there are many people who need coverage while they are in America or abroad. Seeking medical help if you have dual citizenship is harder than you might think. In some cases just because applying for health coverage if you have dual citizenship can be tricky. You need to look at health care providers for residents because they can provide you with a chance to get coverage that you can take with you or only use when you are in America. Look at what happens when you are applying for health coverage if you are a resident.

Health Insurance For Dual Citizenship?

Students from abroad are in need of health care that is also used for residents when they are in the US. Or they see the need to start applying for health coverage because they know that the coverage that they had in their home country will not work in America. The only way to solve that problem is to try one of the companies listed below. Remember that they all serve different purposes. Some companies will offer visitors insurance, but others will cater specifically to dual citizens who split their time evenly.

Employment Insurance

Employment insurance is different because you are given health insurance through your employer that will only work when you are in America. You might have health insurance that works when you are at home, but you could easily be sent to America where you need another level of coverage. You should ask your employer if they know of any companies to use, or they could give you the right information for seeking medical help if you have dual citizenship.

True Dual Citizenship

Applying for health coverage if you are a resident is one of the easiest things that you can do when you are working with the right companies. Do your research online, and see which companies offer different levels of coverage that you can use in America or abroad. The partners that insurance companies have will help you make the best possible choices, and they might include companies below like IMG Global. True dual citizens need to have to have coverage that comes from two different companies and two different countries. You need to have two different insurance cards, and you need to know if the company can afford you the coverage even if you are traveling. You are usually on the road when you are a dual citizen, and you must take this into consideration when purchasing insurance plans.

How Much Do These Policies Cost?

The policies that you have chosen are more expensive because they need to be used in two different countries. You are paying for a certain level of customer care that you typically cannot get from other companies, and you will need to ask the insurance company if they have any customer care options when you go abroad. The problem with the dual citizenship plans is that you are constantly changing between two countries. Have a number to call in both countries, and be sure you have checked on your coverage every year. Applying for health coverage if you have dual citizenship can be expensive, and you need to be thoughtful about cost so that you never overpay.

Health Coverage Providers For Residents

Health care providers for residents are expecting you to have some sort of coverage when you are in America on a visa or for work. Students are asked to show that they have a reason to be in the country, you must have that proof with you whenever you go to a location for medical care. They cannot do the same thing in their home country, and that is why they need to do their research in America first. The American insurance system can be very complex, and that same person could go home and get free healthcare because it is paid for by the government where they are from. Choose from the following list:

  • Patriot America has two different plans called standard and premium
  • IMG Global has a special plan for dual citizens
  • American Visitor Insurance is designed for people who spend only a part of the year in America every year

State Agency Coverage

State agency coverage might be available to you regardless of the way that you came to America. There are places that will help you find an ACA plan because you have a job through an employer that does not provide you with insurance, or you might want to ask the state agency to offer insurance for your family based on your income and employment status. There are many state agencies that will serve you just like any other citizen, and you can fill out an application online at any time. The state agencies will ask to check your income, and you might need to renew every year if you plan to stay in America and need coverage. State agencies include:

  • Medicaid is the state plan that is administered by an office in at least every county
  • Tricare is the military plan that could provide live coverage to people who are family members of military service members and retirees
  • Medicare is the senior insurance plan that might get someone who is over 65 started with insurance
  • The state child insurance plan (for example Peachcare in Georgia) can cover kids if they are dual citizens

The Marketplace

The marketplace that is provided through the ACA allows people to pick out an insurance plan, and it allows you to choose a plan that you believe you can afford. You can pick out a plan that you like, and you can keep that insurance for your time in America. You might need to pause that coverage if you ever leave the country for long periods of time, and you can turn the cover back on when the time is right. The Patriot Travel Plan works well for people who are in this position every year.

Short Term Insurance

Applying for health coverage if you are a resident is easier if you use a short-term or gap plan. The short-term plans are only meant to last a couple months. These plans would line up with any time that you are actually in the country, and you can turn them on and off much more easily. You could have a plan quoted for you that will allow you to get the exact amount of coverage you need so that you can have that coverage shut off when you leave the country. You can get a gap plan for all the times that you are coming to the country, and that allows you to have peace of mind even when you are on the plane back to America. Short-term plans are not ACA compliant, but they might be helpful to you.

What Do You Do In Emergencies?

Seeking medical help if you have dual citizenship can be complex if you are traveling outside of those two countries. You need to have a plan that will help you in emergencies when you are in the countries where you travel, and you must be sure that you have an international customer care number that you can call at any time. Someone who has been caught in an emergency in another country will start to have issues with their coverage if they have no one to call. There are many hospitals that will not serve, and they will be dubious because you are explaining that you are a dual citizen.

Yearly Renewal

You need to go through the yearly renewal process so that you can get a policy that will serve you well. There are many people who will find that they can renew for a better plan because they have found something that is much easier to manage, and they will use the renewal process as a chance to find companies that will give them better coverage.

Long-term Medical Care

Long Term medical plans for dual citizens are complex because these are typically their own plans. You need to find a plan that you are comfortable using because these plans are meant to keep you in one country or another. You might need to have the special medical equipment, or you might be in a place where you need to have the nursing care in more than one country. You must find a company that will pay for this care in both countries. They will give you a chance to get the care lined up in both places, and they will use the same partners they would have used if you were getting a regular plan. You can find the insurance you need, and you can be cared for over a long period of time with no worries at all.

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