Free and Low Cost Dental Care Options in Your Area

How to Qualify for Affordable Dental Insurance

Lets discuss how to get free dental insurance that you need in your life. If you are in dental pain, you can always head to an emergency room near you. Although it is not the best place to get health care, you are assured to get treatment. A study done recently by the American Dental Association showed that many people with dental problems visit an ER with an aching tooth. Here, they give you antibiotics and treatment to get you going for a few days. In the ER, you might be lucky to get the tooth removed if you find a dentist. In today’s political and economic climate, it is almost impossible to find dental insurance companies that offer dental plans for a reasonable cost. Private, Public and Government dental insurance costs have reached a market high in costs and a record low in dental coverage. We often have to search high and low to find a dental plan company that will offer for cheap dental care that you actually need. For instance, most dental care policies only cover the basic maintenance of dental care and maybe twice a year dental cleaning.

Finding The Right Insurance Company

If you find an insurance company that offers dental care, they usually offer the most basics of coverage and you have to buy add-on coverage riders to design a plan to meet your needs. These riders can be expensive and only cover a percentage of the cost of the procedures you may need coverage. More often than most, you will come out of pocket for co-pays or extra needed care that the policy just does not cover. All this in addition to the monthly premium payments you have to pay to maintain the coverage. It is almost impossible to find an insurance company that offers dental coverage at the comprehensive level without paying extra out of pocket for riders with clauses and all that legal stuff at all. In most cases, you will need to search through tens, if not hundreds of insurance companies. It would be lovely to be able to find an insurance company that offers cheap dental insurance at a comprehensive level… and an affordable price. Is that asking for too much?

What You CAN Do

Well, I’m glad to say, it’s not asking for too much. If you are creative and have a little technical savvy, there are alternative means to getting your dental needs taken care of. Nowadays, we must be creative when trying to ensure healthy teeth and mouth on a budget. Many factors affect that health of your teeth and mouth. The process of aging and other factors, such as diet, smoking, drinking caffeinated drinks and not have a good dental hygiene routine, can wear down enamel, cause cavities, germs and infections in the mouth. These conditions eventually come to a boil, and you end up with an eruption of pain and discomfort that just throws your whole exitance off. Everyone knows there is nothing worse than a toothache.

Urgent Care

You could go to your nearby emergency room or urgent care center, but they probably do not have a licensed Dentist on staff. However, they will give you antibiotics for the infection and pain medication for temporary relief. But in a few weeks, the problem will raise its’ ugly head and you will be back in the same predicament. You need a permanent solution to the problem and there are other alternatives to the emergency room or urgent care centers.

Don’t Expect a Permanent Solution 

However, you should note that you are unlikely to get a comprehensive solution to your dental problem, so you are more likely to return to the ER in a few months. An ER is good dental insurance instead of allowing dental infections to go untreated. If you can visit a hospital, go to an emergency room associated with a dental clinic to enable you to follow up on your appointment later on. The reason for this is community hospitals are a little bit crowded or overbooked, but a referral hospital might enable you to see a dentist faster.

Dental School Clinics

These offer great insurance to deal with extensive dental issues. The reason is dental students need to get experience and on-job training before they get their licenses. The care may not be free, but it is always affordable. The only disadvantage is you are more likely to spend more time in the dentist chair since these students have to work under the supervision of a licensed dentist. You might, therefore, spend more time or have to visit the dental school clinics numerous times to complete your treatment. You can find most dental school clinics online.

Dental Care Accessibility Organizations

These can help you find free and affordable dental care. Examples of such organizations include the United Way, Health Resources, and Services Administration, Dentistry from the Heart and Mission of Mercy. Most of them offer free dental care services so you can ensure your dental health with them.

Check Your School

For instance, many colleges that offer Dental Degrees, also have on campus Dental Schools who are in need of patients for their students to practice their learned procedures on. You see, the students need hands-on experience and so many hours of supervised experience before they can get their licenses. The cost of procedures is relatively low compared to the cost at a licensed dentist’s office. You may have to spend more time in the dentist chair since your procedure will be a learning experience for the young attendee. Procedures are often completed over a series of visits, so the student can accumulate experience hours. The students are always supervised by a licensed teacher and dental care is affordable.

Dental Care Accessibility Organizations

You can also call Dental Care Accessibility Organizations, which can assist you in finding affordable or even in some cases free dental care. Companies such as the Dentistry from the Heart, Mission of Mercy and the United Way will provide the search for free in hopes you select their company to provide you with dental care. These organizations will be happy to aid in your search for a place for cheap dental care.

Free Dental Clinics

Another alternative place for cheap dental care is to do a search online for free dental clinics. All you have to do is type “free online dental clinics” in Google, and pages and pages of listings of online dental clinics will be listed. Most online clinics offer coupons or coupon codes as an incentive for you to allow their company to provide you with the dental care you need. The coupons and codes can be used at their clinics to provide a discount on your dental bill. Some even offer dental insurance as an incentive to allow them to be your dental provider.

Beware of Fraud Websites!

As long as you are getting free medical insurance from these online dental clinics, you should be cautious about how you go about it. There are scammers who will promise to provide free and affordable dental care even if they cannot. Some of them might just be collecting data to market their companies. Others may just be thieves masquerading as dentists only to steal from those people who log in to their website using emails and passwords that contain their financial information. Entering your zip code enables you to find the nearest dentist or dental clinic near you without giving important information once in a while.

Why Are there Online Scammers?

However, beware, we all know there are just as many scammers online as there are legitimate companies. Online, you have people posing as a licensed professional, and really do not have the credentials or experience they claim to have. There are people just collecting data for their own marketing purposes or to sell to other companies. And many will offer you products or services that they have no way of providing. So, do not give payment or personal information online or over the telephone. Always ask for a physical location, to see how convenient they are for you and to ensure there really is a physical location associated with the company. Do your research and be a smart consumer when conducting your research.

Using The Internet To Find A Dental Office

Also, you can turn on your location setting on your phone or computer and type into Google “find me a place or cheap dental care near me”. Google will give you a listing of all the dental offices in your immediate vicinity. You can then call or physically go to the dental offices and see what type of discounted service may be available.

To Recap

These search methods for finding a place for cheap dental care are definitely not traditional means for finding an Insurance company that offers dental insurance at reasonable rates. However, these methods do broaden your lead in to finding a credible place for cheap dental care. You may have to be really creative and try to design and piece together the dental care plan you need using more than one of the mentioned search methods. But at least these ideas are unique and can be used to provide a stepping stone to finding a place for cheap dental care or maybe even free dental care.

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