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There is much hype today about dental insurance. This is something that is not mandated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Despite this, there are some people who would like to be covered by dental insurance. There are many questions to ask about dental insurance. Some of these questions include, ‘Is dental insurance affordable?’ ‘Where do I find affordable dental insurance?’ ‘What does dental insurance cover?’ ‘What is the best dental insurance plan out there?’ and ‘Can I find dental insurance in the health insurance marketplace?’

Is Dental Insurance Affordable? 

The answer to this question is open-ended. There are some stipulations to finding affordable dental insurance. Like health insurance, there is a monthly premium to go along with dental insurance. There is a variety of dental insurance plans to select from. Whichever you select will depend on the needs you have for a dentist and what the plans cover. Not all plans are made equal.

What Is Dental Plan? 

A dental plan is a little different than dental insurance. A dental plan is something that you pay an annual fee for. There is a fee separate for an individual plan and a plan for a family. A family will include the spouse and any children there might be. When deciding whether to get a dental plan over dental insurance you need to verify what the dental plan covers compared to what the dental insurance covers. You might also want to double check to be certain the dental plan covers what you are looking for. If a dental plan covers what you are looking for, it might be a better economic decision to go with the dental plan as opposed to the dental insurance.

What Is The Difference Between Dental Insurance And Dental Plans? 

Dental insurance is insurance. It covers a certain percentage of dental services and depending on your plan you will get these services for little or no cost to you. A dental plan is a pre-arranged discounted plan that will cover most of the services offered by a dentist. A dental plan is generally less expensive than dental insurance. They generally have an annual fee to pay. There is a pre-arranged discount for all services offered by a dentist.

What Is The Best Dental Insurance to Sign up for? 

As each person will have their own needs for dental care. Therefore, the price and the options for the plans available will vary from person to person. What you might need for dental care will be different from your neighbor and your best friend.

Where to Find Dental Insurance

Where to find dental insurance is an easy answer to this question. Dental insurance is available as an add-on during open enrollment when you purchase your annual health insurance plan. However, unlike health insurance, you can purchase dental insurance at any time throughout the year. So, if you wonder where to find dental insurance throughout the year, you can conduct an internet search. Doing an internet search will lead you to several dental insurance companies. Some Dental Insurance Companies

  • United Health Care One
  • Delta Dental
  • Humana
  • Cigna

United Health Care One 

United Health Care is a stand-alone dental insurance policy. This means you do not have to have a health insurance policy with United Health Care to be eligible for a dental policy. There are multiple plans to choose from. There are 6 in all. Usually, there is an age limit on dental plans. United Health Care does not put an age limit on their plans. If you are over 65 years you can still apply for and receive acceptance of United Health Care Dental. United Health Care does not have any underwriting for their plans. They will accept your application within a few minutes and it is generally approved. Which plan you select will determine the number of services you receive. The certain plan you select will also determine the number of copays and coinsurance you have to pay.

Delta Dental

There is not much information available about the benefits of Delta Dental. Like United Health Care you can get the plan individually or through an employer. If you are applying for the plan on your own you will apply for an individual or family plan. Whichever plan you select will determine the price for your out of pocket expenses.

Humana Dental Image result for Humana Dental 

Humana Dental is a little different from United Health Care One and Delta Dental. They have nearly over 200 thousand dentists who practice in the network. They will not turn you down because of your age. If you are in your Golden Years you can apply for and receive a Humana Dental plan. Humana Dental is one of the least expensive plans of the market. They have plans that start at just $17. The $17 plan does not cover as much as a plan that cost a little more. With this plan, you will pay high copays and high coinsurance pays. There will also be not as much covered. Humana Dental does not deny anyone coverage for pre-existing conditions. They do not generally have a waiting period for cleanings and exams. If you are in need of insurance and have a condition that you see a dentist regularly for you might want to select a plan from Humana Dental. Humana Dental covers the cleaning and exam at 100%. When you select a plan from Humana Dental you are selecting an excellent company to work with. This is one of the lesser known dental insurance companies on the list. They offer a comprehensive stand-alone package to select from. There are multiple policies to choose from. You can select an individual or family plan with them.

Cigna Dental 

Cigna Dental is one of the best dental insurance companies on the list. They have 3 plans to select from. When you choose a Cigna Dental plan you are choosing to pay between $19 and $35 for your dental insurance. Whichever plan you select will determine what is covered by your insurance. There are many services covered by the $35 plan. Like all of the other insurance companies on the list, you can select Cigna Dental with or without a Cigna Health plan. Cigna Dental offers plans for individuals and families. The family plans for Cigna Dental will run a little more than the individual plans. The nice thing about have a dental plan that will be a stand-alone plan is that if you have Medicare you can get dental services covered by a stand-alone dental plan.

How to Apply for Dental Insurance?

How to apply for dental insurance is an easy question to answer. You simply go to the website of the dental insurance carry you are looking to apply for coverage from. You fill out their application for how to apply for dental insurance and they approve it. Your coverage will usually begin the first of the month following the application acceptance.

Where to Find Free Dental Work? 

Everywhere you live and work there are places offering free dental care. Where to find free dental work is not easy. Doing an internet search should yield some of the results. There are always free days at some of the dental colleges. Most of the dental schools will charge a nominal fee compared to dentists who have completed their education. Where to find free dental work should be as easy as a Google search.

Is There Any Cheap Dental Work Near Me? 

The answer to this question is yes, there is such a thing as cheap dental work near you. As mentioned earlier the dental colleges usually will discount the dental work one receives at the school. When receiving cheap dental work at a dental school, you are being treated by dental students.

Does Insurance Cover Orthodontist? 

This is a difficult question to answer. There are some plans that will cover orthodontics. When doing our research for this article we found most of the dental insurance plans did not cover orthodontics. This is not to say that you will not be covered at all. When you are doing research on your own you might want to consider a dental plan as opposed to dental insurance. The only dental insurance that covered orthodontics on the list was a plan by Cigna. The Cigna Dental 1500 for $35 per month was something that covered orthodontics. But, they only cover up to $1,000 of the treatment. There is a separate deductible for the services. When doing the research for this article we came across sites that offered dental plans. We investigated this. Does insurance cover orthodontist we found that the saving for the orthodontist from a dental plan was much greater than the savings for dental insurance. So does insurance cover orthodontist? Generally speaking, no.

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